Oh Hello, You.


I started writing this blog with a mediocre goal of posting weekly. With 169 hours per week, finding a couple to write a few words about somebody I like hardly seemed ambitious.

Ummm, oops.

In the past 6 weeks I have traveled on 15 airplanes to 7 cities in 5 countries, with a 1 year old child. 3 weeks ago I started an exciting new job and began transitioning out of old work. I have also conducted several riveting interviews for the big project I am working on and tried to do my part to help organize the 7th Annual SHLF Run. Throw in my most minimal duties as a  wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend as well as a semi-regular trot around the neighbourhood and about the only thing I’m doing remarkably well is spreading myself thin.

I’ve always had a talent for gathering and keeping momentum.  I like to convince myself it has, and will, allow me to lead a rich life; at least I’m not boring.

Truth is, as exciting as life can be when you stuff it full, it is actually uninspiring and rather selfish. Let this be an honest lesson to all those who may be tempted think otherwise – when something’s gotta give, it’s rarely the one you bargained for.

For many years, I have relied on the goodwill of friends to make my way around the world. For a while I think I pulled it off nicely – All I needed was something semi-soft to lay my head on, I was a sure thing for a good time and a late night soul search and more often than not had my ‘ish together to leave a token of thanks. Now, I need your whole bedroom, babysitting services, goat’s milk in the fridge and leave a trail of dirty diapers instead of a gift. Seriously, I’m super charming. Can I come over?

The good news is my life during  this blogging hiatus has been stuffed full of completely phenomenal ordinary people and I have some good ones up my sleeve. They’re right under the pile of blank thank you cards that are under the 40 page research report due Friday and above the pile of sweet potatoes my daughter just threw on the floor. (I finally understand the allure of twitter and a 140 character blog).

In the meantime, I will fill otherwise dead space with photos. Shit, it got 500 million people to join Facebook, it oughtta work here.

I know, I'm big time. Ok fine, I spent 15 minutes in his presence when he visited my (old) job (that I am struggling to let go of because I like so much) and this photo captures the tail end of the 3 seconds I had his attention

I know, I’m big time. Ok fine, I saw him for 15 minutes when he visited my (old) job (that I am struggling to let go of) and this photo captures the tail end of the 3 seconds I had his attention for.

Either like bacon or you're wrong ehOk, this really was as cool as it looks – Either you like bacon or you’re wrong, eh?

Livy pic

A picture of Khaya, 12 months (left) playing with Thea, 7 months (right) as drawn by Thea’s big sis Olivia, 7. Her attention to detail is actually inspiring

Miss Thee

What they actually look like.


3 of my favourite ladies in paradise: Mom and sister watching 8 month pregnant Tove make the most of summer days. “No regrets”

Dinner with a view

Dinner in paradise – my parent’s house, 9pm, still light.

Uncle Big K

Lil K helping Big K with another ridiculous feast, with a view and company to boot.

with G-Ma

G-Ma in action


Big Bentley finally met his match

Berlin wall thuggin1

Straight Thuggin at the Berlin Wall. In actual fact I forgot to wash my hair and went to a super posh fashion show nonetheless. With a baby.


Our love separated by the Berlin Wall. I made her do it.

 group shot

Diva Tour 2013, Berlin. After several days of fun, we realized we hadn’t taken a group shot.  Train station about to leave. Fail.  

Visiting godparents and granny in London.

 jail break

Jailbreak. Causing trouble with my cousin Kuena, back in the hood (Jozi) after spending her whole life to date in Amsterdam. Welcome home Crocodile.



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